ICD-11 Browser Tutorial Videos

This series of video tutorials is created to help new and existing users of the ICD‑11 Browser on how to contribute to the development of ICD-11.

Getting Started

The first two videos include a solid introduction to the Browser. You will learn how to explore the classification and how to register for an account to get the most out of the ICD-11 Browser and the tools around it.

  1. How to use the ICD-11 Electronic Tools

    In this video, we're going to explore the ways of coding using the ICD-11 Coding Tool and also review some of the ICD-11 Browser’s features (You do not need to be signed in/have an account in ICD-11 Browser in order to view the classification)

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  2. Registering

    If you do not have an account in the ICD-11 Beta Browser, this video will show you the steps to register and create your profile. Having a user account is important to access many of the features such as commenting, proposals, notifications, etc.

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Contributing to the ICD-11 development

Now that you have learned the basics of navigating the classification, it is time to start contributing to the development of ICD-11. This block of videos will introduce you to the user interactive activities of the ICD-11 Browser.

  1. Proposal Mechanism

    The Proposals Mechanism is a more advanced way of contributing. After watching this video you will know how to submit proposals with suggested changes to the classification’s content or the hierarchy.

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More Videos

  1. Translation Platform

    The Translation platform allows translating the classification to other languages. The system supports multiple translator roles with different rights in order to accommodate a suitable translation workflow. Watch this video to learn more about the systen and how to contribute to the translation of ICD-11.

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